FITC: The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

What will the future of advertising look like? The answer depends on whether or not traditional advertising agencies truly embrace the power of digital to reach consumers and build brands in new, exciting ways. ‘The Last Advertising Agency on Earth’ is a film about what might happen if they don’t. FITC produces digital and technology events globally that bring leading edge experts together to inspire, educate and challenge. The next conference is being held in Toronto, April 25th-27th 2010. For more details, visit fitc.ca/toronto

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Brett Channer
Creative Directors: Helen Pak
Art Directors: Helen Pak
Copywriter: Brian Sheppard
Prod Company: Tool of North America
Director: Jason Zada
DP: Ketil Dietrichson
EP: Brian Latt
EP Digital: Dustin Callif
Production Designer: Gary Matteson
Editorial: Rooster
Colorist: Eric Whipp
Flame Artist: Mike Bishop
Music: Pirate
Composer: Brendan Quinn
EP: Tom Eymundson
Digital Production: Lunch
Executive Producer: Amy Miranda
Shoot Location: El Segundo, CA

March 2010


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I watched the video, and bookmarked it. I don't think however that all agencies are unwilling to embrace new non traditional media or ways to advertise. A lot of agencies do so, albeit unsuccessfully. For instance, I don't find the social media marketing efforts of many agencies particularly effective. But then again in the end they do what their clients want, and perhaps that's the bigger problem here (uncompromising clients). Ogilvy once said "Frightened people are powerless to produce good advertising. If I were a client, I would do everything in my power to emancipate my agencies from fear, even to the extent of giving them long-term contracts"

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maybe there are reasons for not jumping this social media wagon.

reasons like:
- TV has the highest viewership EVER. in the history of television (when there was only TV and radio). and growing.
- that only good 20% of social media users trust their social media "friends"; down from 48% percent from a year and half ago.
- radio in the USA reaches more people IN WEEK than Google IN A MONTH

and these are just a few statistics that social media gurus refuse to mention.

thsi ad is such an unbelevable crap it's a disgrace.

I'm not against digital but at the moment it's nothing more than a hype.

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I beg to differ. What segments of the population is that "high TV viewership" made up of? Where's all these statistics coming from? Speaking of TV, you know that many people record their favorite tv shows and watch them later, without the ads? This ad is not crap.

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1. all segments. yes, including teenagers. yes, including seniors. yes, including construction workers. yes, including people working in digital agencies.

2. USA. Nielsen studies and some other independent studies.

3. about this: "you know that many people record their favorite tv shows and watch them later, without the ads?" noooooooo... really? omg! really? you're not serious, are you? really?
now I have some questions for you:
a. did you know that1% of all the video consumption is on a computer? That YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, all the porn and every idiotic viral video combined amount to 1%?
b. did you know that about 5.5% of total viewing is time-shifted (DVR playback)?
c. did you know that about 53% of viewers skip commercials when time-shifting, which means that, AT MOST, 3% of total spots are being skipped because of DVRs?
d. did you know that mobile video viewing amounts to 1/5 of 1%?

you can "beg to differ" but you're living in a fantasy world. it's your choice.

and that's why this ad is total crap.

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Seriously, I don't appreciate your condescending tone. Don't "nooooooo", "really?", and "omg!" me (unless you are a teen or someone in their early 20's)

Companies (or at least most companies) are NOT interested in all segments of the population. Indeed I can't picture seniors (aged 65 and above) youtubing or facebooking, but that may not be my target audience, so I don't want to spend millions of dollars showing my ad to everyone out there. Cite your studies please. Don't just say "Nielsen studies and some other studies".

That being said I don't think - I agree - that internet video watching would overtake traditional TV. The percentage of traditional TV viewing would always be high(er), because it includes everyone in society: kids, teens, young adults, adults, seniors, etc. (unless you provide studies showing percentages for specific segments AND even those would be of no good/use to me because I might be interested in smaller (or sub) segments within those large segments) I am not interested in broad strokes studies or percentages, and neither are most companies. The point you are making is traditional radio and tv still rule, so it's safe to advertise there. Well, you do that.

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no. it's up to you to site your studies. I showed a bunch of research FACTS. all you said is new-media-nonsense-babble (with a quote og David Ogilvy).

I don't care what you think. I'm telling you how it is. and it's proven. you on the other hand just "beg to differ" without any base AT ALL.

just to make it clear.
"The percentage of traditional TV viewing would always be high(er), because it includes everyone in society: kids, teens, young adults, adults, seniors, etc."

is soooooo unbelievably wrong I can't believe you're trying to have a serious conversation here..
and it only shows you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

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I have nothing further to say to you. It's cite studies, not site studies, by the way. Your patronizing slightly childish tone (I don't care what you think) tells me everything I wanna know about you.

Now that I think about it, my TV viewership comment indeed doesn't make sense. I agree! Apologies.

My main point, however, was that NO ONE - let me use capital letters too - is interested in BROAD STROKES studies. End of discussion.

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so when I ask you to CITE studies you end the discussion.
wow, that's a grown-up response.

this is funny as shit:
"My main point was that NO ONE - let me use capital letters too - is interested in BROAD STROKES studies."

go ask that a Coca-Cola Company, Nike, Adidas, McDonalds etc.

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Phil Lestino
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Was that a TV ad? LOL

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Yes. Right. It's the agencies' fault. Not the client's.



"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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personally, i love the shot of Gilgamesh off the top.


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way i see it... TV is coming to the computer... despite apps being there for a while.. iphone suddenly makes people build websites for just one game... the stats as mentioned may suggest that currently "mainstream" has a stronger hold... but as history has shown ... it just takes a year or two to complete change history... being wars, being the evolution of computers, Hell! the internet is the biggest example.... with growing demand for internet and information on the move.. very soon..very very soon... i say get on the boat and pick a good seat...

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Carlos Garcia
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Ok. But they advertise this where?


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Yeah, I know. No one will see it... LOL

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The sky is falling! The sky is falling!


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people just fall asleep seeing this @ tv

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That clown in the background is scary.

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ahahaha. this still makes me laugh ...and also fear for my future. well done - so prolific more than ever.

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