Feria Mix: Mother's day

When no one in the world was able to love you, someone did. Happy Mother's Day

Advertising Agency: CBR, Santiago, Chile
Creative Directors: Rito Sarria, Matías Uribe
Art Director: Rito Sarria, Betín Azocar
Copywriter: Matías Uribe

May 2010


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this is too long and boring and yet another famous baby faces ad. And I don't get it. Why was no one in the world able to love them?

Corbeen's picture
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because nobody knew about them than....For the borring part sorry i cant help u..... I like it.

AmOgodzzz's picture
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Some of the people don't make sense. Why was no one able to love Kurt Cobain? If I recall correctly, he was loved by everyone and his death was national news and mourned by many young people around the world. Paul McCartney? He was a Beatle, and he was knighted. I don't see how he isn't loved. It just looks like they put up the baby pictures of random celebrities to sappy background music and called it a day.

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They mean when you were still in your mother's womb. :-)

Spoonfeederxxx's picture
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In your mother's womb?

Where did you get that?


This is crap!

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Still in your mother's womb means you are not yet born or you are about to be born. I thought that's what they meant when they said no one else was able to love you.

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what happened to this bunch of kids. Nice ad.

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