Fashion Week: Suzaan Heyns

This piece directed by Jeana Theron of Bouffant was conceptualized as a prelude to the Suzaan Heyns Fashion week collection. The film reflects the designer’s fascination with the anatomy of the clothes and the dissecting and sculpting of each individual garment to resemble body parts.

Production Company: Bouffant, South Africa
Director: Jeana Theron
Producers: Bryony Webster, Moira Flowerday
Director of Photography: Rob Wilson
Editor: Claire Stewart


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A complete waste of video.

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andy rocks
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i wonder if the surgeons were females...or wat! r blokes in the fashion world losing it in the name of 'creativity'?

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Reminds me of a Lady Gaga video. Crazy but I think it works for fashion.

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Boring... and pointless

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Self indulgent egotism, but I'm not in the TA nor can I imagine being so. This is just a tiresome, slow, boring way to express anything. And it's not an ad. So what is it doing here apart from showcasing the talent of the production company?

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The world of fashion lost me a long time ago... I'm not quite sure what it is about nowadays, but it really does seem to be less and less about clothes.
As for the video, I thought it was nicely done, and I guess it works for the target.

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