Farmer's Insurance: Commute

Advertising Agency: Campbell-Ewald, USA
EVP, Executive Creative Director: Debbie Karnowsky
VP, Agency Executive Producer: John Haggerty
SVP, Associate Creative Director: Chip Kettering
VP, Senior Copywriter: John Dolab
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Noam Murro
Executive Producers: Shawn Lacy,Eric Stern
Co-Producer: Jay Veal
VFX: Animal Logic
VFX Supervisor: Nick Ponzoni
VFX Producer: Nerissa Kavanagh
VFX Production Coordinator: Kate Stenhouse
Lead Compositor: Nick Ponzoni
Senior Compositor: Leoni Willis, Angus Wilson, Kim Fogelberg
Compositor: Howard Hill
Assistant Compositor: Jodi Tyne
Lead Shake Compositor: Vaughn Arnup
Shake Compositor: Charlie Armstrong, Laura Dubsky, Jamie Nimmo
Director (Pneumonics): Toby Grime
3D Lead (Pneumonics): Feargal Stewart
3D Artist (Pneumonics): Paul Braddock, David Hyde, Paul Perrott, Bhakar James, Sandy Sutherland, Sotiris Bakosis
3D Artists (Pneumonics): Tristan North
Colorist (Commute): Eric Whipp
Music & sound design: Nylon Studios


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Wow brilliant. Really love these, can see tons of work has gone into these.

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I wouldn't have that bit where she jumps into the car - that's almost like she's stealing it, whereas all along she's just been hitching rides. Also, I was waiting for her to realise she'd left her briefcase at home...

But this whole series is really nice. Can't see it winning any awards, but with a client willing to pay for stuff like this, it's just a matter of time.

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