Farmer John: Commies

Advertising Agency: Mendelsohn Zien Advertising, L.A., USA
Agency Creative Directors: Justin Hooper & Mick DiMaria
Agency Executive Producer: Molly McFarland
Producer: Kara Fromhart
Associate Producer: Alison McMahon
Senior Copywriter: Shelley Chidley
Senior Art Director: Laura Lebel
Copywriter: Brian Jones
Art Director: Aaron Sanchez
Business Manager: Bridget Merrill
Design & VFX Company: Radium/Reel FX, Santa Monica/Dallas
Executive Producer: Dan Bryant
Producer: Linda Jackson
Creative Director: Limbert Fabian
Designer/Animator: Arpine Aleksanyan
Animator: Kyle McCauley
Editorial Company: Cosmo Street, L.A.
Editor: Asako Ushio
DP: Lew Robertson
Aired: September 2010


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Americanski. You will never know communism. Anyways...

nassimh's picture
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you are right!
this is nothing but humiliating commercial!! go talk about your "cowboys" americans!

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I get it. I just don't think some Jews, Muslims and vegetarians will find it all that amusing.

pajaro's picture
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Really stupid, and idiot!!! It sucks

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Well you've just lost some of your customers (considering a big bunch of them will probably be democrats who are partial to a bit of socialism) well done.

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"If you're Jewish, you're a Communist!" Yeah, even with the jokey tone there are historical associations there you don't want to touch.

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I simply cant believe this is an ad released in the 10th year of 21st century.

Hey copywriters, r u still living in the cold war times?

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Genius. No matter how silly something is, there will always be silly people to take it too seriously. Something tells me Farmer John don't include 'people who take things very seriously' in their target audience. This page is about advertising, people - not political correctness awards.

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