Farmer John: Apocalypse

Advertising Agency: Mendelsohn Zien Advertising, L.A., USA
Agency Creative Directors: Justin Hooper & Mick DiMaria
Agency Executive Producer: Molly McFarland
Producer: Kara Fromhart
Associate Producer: Alison McMahon
Senior Copywriter: Shelley Chidley
Senior Art Director: Laura Lebel
Copywriter: Brian Jones
Art Director: Aaron Sanchez
Business Manager: Bridget Merrill
Design & VFX Company: Radium/Reel FX, Santa Monica/Dallas
Executive Producer: Dan Bryant
Producer: Linda Jackson
Creative Director: Limbert Fabian
Designer/Animator: Arpine Aleksanyan
Animator: Kyle McCauley
Editorial Company: Cosmo Street, L.A.
Editor: Asako Ushio
DP: Lew Robertson
Aired: September 2010


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that one is funny

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II'm sure Nevada doesn't want to become New California. Besides, doesnt the elimination of California also include Los Angeles and the whole Farmer John operation?

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