Fantastic Fest: Dawn of the Dad

Production Company: Hungry Man, Los Angeles, USA
Director: Alex Kuciw
DP: Scooter McCrae
Art Director: Chris Carcich
Post Production: Red Circle
Editor: Yasu Inoue
Sound Mix: Doug Johnson


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A stranger abroad
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Heh heh. Good acting from the kids.

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"You're supposed to be impressed by mountaineous crap." LMAOOOO

They talk like Terrence & Phillip :P

Quite really.

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Boring. I think the kids acting is really bad.

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Film festival with the boring parts cut out? Not a very good way to deliver the message, with an ad that's boring from begining to end. And the kids are just terrible.

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I liked it. Excellent performances from the kids -- don't listen to the idiots below.

Does this maybe indicate the 3-D version of Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD (aka the REAL* DAWN OF THE DEAD) might premier at FANTASTICFEST? Oh dear God I have been waiting on a release announcement for that one...wasn't it supposed to come out this year?

Good job Alex and Scoots!

BeAst WisheS -- L

*= I'm so sick of saying "the original HALLOWEEN" or "the original LAST HOUSE"...etc. etc. Can we all agree to just call them the "REAL" HALLOWEEN, or the "REAL" DAWN OF THE DEAD or the "REAL" MY BLOODY VALENTINE etc. etc.

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This thing just flat-out ROCKS! The kids are hysterical, the lines are awesome, and zombies devouring human flesh to Mexican polka music has got to be a first. What's not to love??? MORE PLEASE!!!!

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Suburban zombies--classic. I would also use the word "terrible" but in its other meaning of "formidable." The kids are great.

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jaded suburban kids totally over the whole zombie thing, I think they're hilarious. Good job!

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The sound effects and the dialogue are great, and then the muzak just adds to it.

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"Michael Bay can't direct." That kid's a g*d*mn genius!

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Despite the fact that only "Guest" seemed to like this, I also found it mildly amusing. But then I'm a sucker for Molotov cocktails and spiked baseball bats.

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