Evian: Rollerbabies

Teasers and making of videos: http://www.evianliveyoung.com/babies/

Advertising Agency: BETC Euro RSCG, France
Agency Account Management: Marielle Durandet / Dominique Verot
Catherine Clément / Marie-Josée Cadorette
Media Strategy Manager: Martine Picard
Founder of BETC Euro RSCG and Global Creative Director: Rémi Babinet
Art Director: Agnès Cavard
Assistant Art Director: Gregory Ferembach
Copywriter: Valérie Chidlovsky

Web: BETC 4D
Agency Account Management: Olivier Vigneaux / David Roux
Creative Director: Vincent Vella

Art Director: David Tamayo
Copywriter: Pierre Duquesnoy
Community Management: Alexis Thobellem

TV Producer: Fabrice Brovelli
Music Supervisor: Christophe Caurret
Music: BETC Music
Production Company: Partizan
Director: Michael Gracey
Music & Artist: Rapper’s Delight by Dan the Automator


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love it!

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muy bueno...

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Very atractive commercial like Gillete

Notorious's picture
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THE BEST of recent times :D

Alex, you must be a nut-case to compare this to Gillete $#%&

however, there's something wrong with the animation, the eyes blinkings, also the lights - they look fake :( but i LOVE the modeling and the face mixing, although there are seconds i felt like it's been affected by the bad lights.. and looked terrible

outsmart me, if you can

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this commercial reminds me of this 90's dancing baby only this one's better they're on wheels

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

ivan's picture

I really like the overall effect, but I think special effects is poorly done. Feels like 90's. We have much better technology today, but I guess the budget didn't allow for it.

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Ivan, although it is not of my policy to respond to other people's comments but I will have to comment on this one.

It is not the budget, it's the people that love to use old softwares that they got along with and it's the creative directors who still think the Jurassic park movie and X-men 1 and 2 were really great. don't ya think?

outsmart me, if you can

ivan's picture

I love it when people respond to comments. :)

Maybe you're right. I don't mind the treatment. It's actually cute to have these unnatural frames in the movie. But, if I were the AD or Director I would've tried to do it super realistic.

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outsmart me, if you can

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I know the girls who did this film.
This is partly a budget question.
So that they did not use the right software.
I find the lights so wrong! Real baby heads don't fit with their 3D body.

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I like the gang effect

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give the team a big applause! bravo~

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I hate when they put babies in ads like this.... usually all the girls go.. ohhhh, how cute... but I dont see nothing creative in this one, sorry...

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As a girl I like to answer - I hat it, so damed boring using little kids, always the same ...
And with the rest of your comment, I agree: nothing creative

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This is the scariest thing I've ever seen (well, of course after bottled water)...

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scares me to death not even the shitty execution.

the babies on the fence look like alien spawn.

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i love it from the moment i seen it

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So, so badly done... did they had some budget problems to do it right, right?

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The babies kinda give me the creeps. I also don't get the connection to the product. Babies aren't supposed to drink water, it's not healthy for them.

So exactly how they got from "Evian bottled water" to "Babies on Rollerskates" is beyond me. For all I know, they made a rollerbabies clip and just waited for a client to come along.

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There is no connection, it doesn't matter... it's all about 40 year women suits at Evian feeling all warm and fuzzy about the cute baby dancing okay -oh look it's a baby dancing -that's so cute right!

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I think the Viral has done its job. Millions of hits in its first week and heaps of free Media.

R.E: Execution:

Evian spelt backwards spells "Naive"

naive |nʌɪˌiːv| |nɑːˌiːv| (also naïve) adjective (of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment : or denoting art produced in a straightforward style that deliberately rejects sophisticated artistic techniques and has a bold directness resembling a child's work, typically in bright colors with little or no perspective. DERIVATIVES naively adverb naiveness noun ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from French naïve, feminine of naïf, from Latin nativus ‘native, natural.’

naive adjective don't be fooled by the naive manner of speaking innocent, unsophisticated, artless, ingenuous, inexperienced, guileless, unworldly, trusting; gullible, credulous, immature, callow, raw, green, wide-eyed; informal wet behind the ears, born yesterday. See note at gullible . antonym worldly.

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(Portuguese Brazil) Por favor, qual é o nome da música do vídeo-clípe dos bebês?

(English USA) Please, what is the name of the song in the video-clip of babies?

Please send if possible the name of the song to my e-mail: sandesignproducoes@hotmail.com

Thank you guys!!!


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Baby's! Baby's on roller skates!!!!!! Marketing genius!! Great bottom line advertising sucking into the market brilliantly - you can just see the female bias running to stores now to buy into this exploitation of an old idea. Who hasn't seen numerous ads exploiting babies...and now another one...no different other than the quality of the post production. The idea is about as fresh as Kurt Cobain. This is regurgitation - it's so 90's it's ridiculous. I cannot believe this has got an 8.5 rating. Just goes to show how warped the minds are that are actually rating / raping the work on this site. What happened to a good idea in advertising? The river of mediocrity burst its banks and everybody is getting wet, even the most creative of people. Is this a true reflection of the declining intellect of our audiences?

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so cute

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Loved the commercial, music and of course the real baby heads..... hated the body modeling and lighting.
Maybe used wrong software. I give it 7/10

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I loved it!!! I don't care if they used old software or not

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