Evian: Baby inside

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, France
Global Creative Director: Rémi Babinet
Art Director: Agnès Cavard
Copywriter: Valérie Chidlovsky
Director: Legs
Music: Wordy Rappinghood
Production: DJ Mehdi and Uffie

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You may not want to listen to what those words tell you to do anymore.

Guile's picture
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Can't get the 90's creepy baby screensaver out of my mind while watching this... I like the movements and the soundtrack thou.

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i really like it! very entertaining and we could see a nice work behind the ad.

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i will get one of those tee's

carlo's picture
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awesome! this is really nice.


Because great designs need no further explanation.

Prof's picture
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man i cant stand those evian ads. no point behind a potentially ok concept (live young). this is just your basic boring mainstream campaing with happy young people and popular indie electro. its the stuff you should be ashamed of posting on here. and isnt stop motion overused in every way? especially this wont make it fresh again. and oh god if i ever hear an ad WHISPERING the friggin line at the end, ill start killing stuff.

Quite really.

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love the editing! Fun to watch and the message is painfully clear. The fact that it's just water is another story...

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i'd like to get one of those t shirts.. and drink chemically processed water as well coz i dont think that there is anything pure and natural left on earth

| Everartz |

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nice :)

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

kleenex's picture
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Interesting, but I do not fully like it.

Temple's picture
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hey prof, it's not indie electro, it's tom tom club :)

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advertising ninja
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on people with long and thick necks these look kind of scary.

Glut's picture
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ufff so bad. Basic

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