Ethel's Brew: Ethel's Brew Story

Advertising Agency: DDB Worldwide / DDB NY, USA
Creative: Seth Goldschmidt
Photographer: Eiri Kleinman
Director: Ari Sharvit
Designer: Isaac Frosberg
Editor: Justin Balakanah


Temple's picture
10925 pencils

In bad taste.It's not easy to come up with Nandos dictators each time you think outside the box.

Emily Blawyn's picture
Emily Blawyn
114 pencils

funny campaign

Sophie Campbel's picture
Sophie Campbel
164 pencils

ha ha

Ava Spears's picture
Ava Spears
144 pencils

cool film

Ryan Breat's picture
Ryan Breat
112 pencils

i like

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
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Feels passé.

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