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Tias buenas y pijas+playas idílicas+canción comercial con letra muy chusca+tios buenos y pijos=éxito 8desgraciadamente)

El año pasado esto tenía su sentido. Este año no han hecho más que repetir lo mismo sólo que ahora parece una promoción cutre más (eso si, con una gran fotografía).

Enhorabuena por conseguir hacer de un spot tópico un anuncio efectivo.

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Very Good.

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boring... last year was great, this is long and i've seen it million times...

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il loco
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the song was better last year...

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Can anyone drop here a link to what was done last year, please?

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It is true that there has been criticism, claming that last year's ad was better.
Either way, this criticism has just added to the buzz. This ad has been a clear success. It has been a perfect example of a viral campaign - for it has and is being continually interchanged in social networks; it's being very commented (many saying that the ad makes them want summer already, that they want a summer like that, etc..); and, what is more, the song is currently the number 1 sold song in Spain in itunes.

Effective. Very effective.

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kinda makes me want to be in that boat right this second!

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if only beer could do that....then the world would truly be magical. The problem is that nothing here is new in advertising. of course this works, but it's not new or interesting.

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Revive the 30'' tv ad plz, these 5 minute pseudo ads are practically unbearable.

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Sure, "sometimes what your looking for is so close it's hard to see", are we crazy? This ad is not close to anyone in Spain. In the middle of this crisis renting a boat in Menorca between 2 or 4 is as far away as a dream. It might work but there is nothing new or magical anymore about this campaing...

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So, should we say Estrella is the brand of the mediterranean snobs?

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Yes, you could say so.

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where could i found out what boat was that? The name, etc?

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