ESPN: Born Into It

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Scott Vitrone, Ian Reichenthal
Creative Directors: Brandon Henderson, Stuart Jennings
Copywriter: Dave Canning
Art Director: Cyrus Coulter

December 2012


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kiiiiiinda basic but nice

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the pencil
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standard close comparison but enjoyable.

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not special...

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my mind bursts
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I've worked with the actor on the left - Warrington. Would love to see others stretching it many more ways. Some lovely moments which makes it worth repeat viewing many times.

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I think that this is a fantastic commercial. Being born an Arizona State University Sun Devil fan I have always had a passionate hatred for the University of Arizona Wildcats. Now that I am a student at Arizona State, my hatred has grown even more. I sit in the front of the student section for 95% of ASU sporting events including the games against Arizona. I always thought that growing up a U of A fan would suck, living in Tucson would suck, and that there are no benefits of being a Wildcat fan. I never realized what my rival fans thought of me, a Sun Devil. This commercial really brought it to my attention that U of A fans probably say the exact same thing about ASU fans, as ASU fans say about U of A fans. I can imagine they think Tempe is a horrible place and that the Sun Devils are terrible at everything, including sports and education. This commercial makes it clear that all sports fans believe their team is number one and that no other team can compare. In reality, each and every fan is just alike; we all are loyal and faithful to “our” team(s). The fans become a part of the team making it hard to believe there is another way of life. “It’s not crazy, it’s sports” is a perfect tagline for this commercial because everyone tends to get a bit irrational during sporting events. But of course, Sun Devils are the best and U of A does suck, Go Devils!

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