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That's not samba, that's lambada!
the name of the song is "Nega do Cabelo Duro"

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That felt like a huge effort for a rather trite message, nor was it amusing.

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Message? Was there a message?

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The music makes all the difference. I was doing the samba across the office.

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Hahaha this campaign is awesome. I dont know if other countries would get all of it, because there are a lot of argentinian insights.

Really great, Nice work.

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Care to share any of these insights you speak of?

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i like it. good production. but shot time for product. overall good

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I'd love to have that F****** vehicle with beautiful girls instead of Ford.

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funny, all flash can be a drag I suppose, but I bet a lot of guys feel like hidearshake.

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can anyone translate the line at about 5 seconds of the end? Guess it might be helpfull to better understand it... Maybe Ivan can put it underneath the video, like for printads...

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It says "Do you want something to have funn with?" or "Do you want something to have funn?" (not so good at english gramatics.
I would preffer a Ford instead of that car, I think is a nice add. When I see tha car i will remember the party and lough but still want the Ford.

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i think the line that the_capywriter is asking about is "get on board of the life you want to live", the one near the end.
it seems like a very long story, the tension falls at the end and the payoff is kind of expected, don't you think?
appart from that, agree with the use of the insights, very clever.

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This add is awesome. Well, think is based in Brazil - Argentina rivality, that´s why is very fun to argentinians. And the soundtack has nothing to do with samba, it's a old "lambada" hit from Luis Caldas.

I'm brazilian, and have to say "congrats" to argentinian creatives. (beside their lame football LOL)

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they will win awards and hopefully money with this ad... so they can go to brazil and have some SERIOUS fun.

do you really want to have fun, argentina? learn how to play soccer.


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Loved it! Very clever, and especially relevant of course to Buenos Aires.

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

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the song is not from Luis Caldas. Is a tropical argentinian song by Alcides, who sings in spanish. This is the funniest.

aguante Ñubel Carajo!

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Ad Junkie At Large
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i thought it was really funny, the ridiculousness and enthusiasm of the dancers couple with how unimpressed the driver was made it really fun.

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Nega do cabelo duro, que não gosta de pentear...
This definitely from Luis Caldas. Maybe he not invented that melody, but this music is singed by him.

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pretty fucking funny

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I guess it is obviously just targeted at a specific culture.

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i think its funny but i am sure the car sucks

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Guest commenter

That's not samba, that's lambada!
the name of the song is "Nega do Cabelo Duro"