Dymocks: Book lovers, 3

Advertising Agency: IDEAWORKS, Sydney, Australia
Creative Director: Stuart Vidler
Art Director / Copywriter: James Gali Barrow
Copywriter: Stuart Vidler
Director: Nick Robertson
Producer: Kim Kirby
Production Company: Plaza Films
Aired: October 2008

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If the "readers" had been added in post, moving to their own timeline (ie not jumpy/jerky, no fast wind blowing hair) it would read as a relaxed person in a fast paced world.

In this execution, I feel the "reader" is being rushed and is impatient to finish the book.

*But hey, maybe it's just me.

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Beautiful. Very well done.

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Guest commenter

I get the point. But boring.

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I love it. It isn't a gag ad. The idea is in the insight. The moment we all fall into when reading a book we love.

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Guest commenter

Very good idea. Time has not the same value for each human being. Escape from a noisy world.

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I really admire the design

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