Duracell: Day in the Life featuring Jay-Z

Advertising Agency: Woods Witt Dealy & Sons, USA
Creative Directors: Harry Woods, Gill Witt
Art Directors: Dan Gearity, Eric Altbush, Anais La Rocca
Copywriters: Bevan Mahaney, Oliver Adriance
Print Production: Jeff Greenberg
Broadcast Production: Hyatt Choate
Director: Anthony Mandler

August 2012


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Doesn't work for me. Using Jay Z feels pretty gratuitous and random too.

kleenex's picture
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I agree with you.

certaintly's picture
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i think they used him well. subtle and brief, yet did the job.

certaintly's picture
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and the reason it doesnt seem random to me is because the whole commercial had that high-roller style, following a guy who lived a high-roller life and ended up in a high-roller club. + the art direction and music fit helped justify his appearance as well

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I like the whole vibe and humour at the end. The batteries floating around are not working for me.

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How can you like this pathetic douche? He's so insecure that he has to be above 95% charge. What's the point? At least he could have shared some energy juice, but no he has to keep it all to himself.

How about some selfless idea: he goes around recharging those in need of extra energy like in a emergency situation.

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