DuPont: Open Science

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, New York, USA
Worldwide Creative Director: David Fowler
Creative Director: Jim Nolan
Art Director: Kanad Banerjee
Copywriter: Michael Demos
Executive Producer: Lee Weiss
Senior Producer: Be Garrett
Production Company: Stink
Director: Gaelle Denis
Executive Producer: Daniel Bergman
Line Producer: Tracey Cooper
Editorial: Trim, London
Editor: Paul Hardcastle
Visual Effects: MassMarket, New York
Executive Producer: Justin Lane
VFX Producer: Rich Rama, Rasha Clark
Assistant Producer: Kay Chen
Lead Flame Artist: Chris Staves
Flame Artist: Jamie Scott
Junior Flame Artist: Jeen Lee, Dan Boujoulian
Lead CG: Andreas Berner
CG Artist: Cody Chen, Kitty Lin, Jordan Blit, Iggy Ayestaran, Lee Wolland,
Jonah Friedman, Marco Iozzi
Previz Artist: Jim Hundertmark
Lead Designer: Anh Vu
Designer: Pete Sickbert-Bennett
Tracking: Joerg Liebold, Joon Park, Jeen Lee


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I was just wandering if the editor, Paul Hardcastle, was the one who sang "Nineteen" in 1985…

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Great song that was, he also did 'don't waste my time'. Hasn't done much since then. Can't imagine he's an editor now....
About the commercial; beautifully crafted, an eyecandy.

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This sort of fluffy bullshit, particularly from a chemical company, sticks in my throat. If you're cretinous enough to fall for this sort of crap, you probably buy 3-piece suites on full credit, then have your house repossessed when you're forced to pay 3 times its price after the period is up.

Yuk. And, indeed, nyah. Contemptible.

Prettyish, though.

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Crisp One
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relax its just capitalism, if you don't like it, go to Russia.

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Guest commenter

gud one

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Guest commenter

I agree with desally. DuPont have been environmental vandals for years. Only idiots will believe this fluff. Everyone knows what they use science for and it ain't feeding the world. This is the kind of ad you'd see on The Simpsons if the nuclear power plant ever made a tv commercial. Far too unbelievable. I'm surprised it got through.

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