Dream girl

Advertising Agency: The Martin Agency, USA
Creative Director: Steve Sage
Art Director / Associate Creative Director: Randall Hooker
Senior Copywriter: Dave Muhlenfeld
Director: Danny Leiner
Production Company: Independent Media Inc., Santa Monica, CA
Executive Producer: Susanne Preissler

October 2007


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384 pencils

haha...this is good.

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Joaquin de Camble Guamble

Is really good.....great song

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Words can't explain how much I hate this campaign. Whenever the spots appear while I'm watching television, I find myself frantically scrambling for the remote control to change the channel before the lip-synced lyrics and air-guitared intrument playing kicks in. It's two dimensional, corny, and void of any elements that position the brand and product favorably to the consumer. Don't even get me started on the branding aspects (or lack thereof) - To have this douchebag representing anything, let alone be the "face" of freecreditreport.com defies any logic. Even at the surface, these ads are just simply not funny. I'm sure there is a segment of low-browed consumers out there who might find these absolutely hilarious. And perhaps that's the same demographic that is checking to see if that carton of marlboros they wrote a bummed check for has affected their credit rating? If that's the case, then I guess this is a great campaign. But for myself (and judging by the feedback I've received from most other people I know) this campaign just makes baby Jesus cry. I would have loved to sit in on the brainstorming session that gave birth to this "creative"... "Hey Bob, you know what would be great? Let's scout the fugliest talent we can find to sing a corny jingle for freecreditreport.com". "Sounds like a home run, Steve! I'll let the client know and have media book the TV spots ASAP... How 'bout Spike Network?" - Aaack! Freecreditreport.com needs to fire their ad agency, and someone needs to escort this guy back to his parent's basement. Or at least get him some guitar lessons so he doesn't have to "pretend" to play anymore.

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Return to 1965. If you have something to say - then say it. If you don't - then sing it!

Sucky ad. Not to mention how fucked up the guy's priorities are. Nice production though.

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Hey Guest | Thu, 2009-07-02 01:11 & Guest | Thu, 2009-07-02 02:29....Love the hatred pouring from your you two guys. Next time, instead posting as guest though, please put your real names up here. I want to be sure to know who's resume and book that I'm throwing in the trash.

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