Domyos: Battle

Advertising Agency: Fred & Farid, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Copywriter / Art director: Rayhaan Khodabux
Brand's supervisor: Nathalie Normand
Agency's supervisors: Bérengère Mangin, Alice Lombard
Tv producer: Aurélia Blatry
Art buying: Adélaïde Samani
Agency's post-production: Sacha Adamon
Director: Benjamin Millepied
Production company: Same Production
Producer: Karen Barel
Music Studio: Human
Music supervisor: Léo Copet
Post-production studio: Firm


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Well the kids can sure move. I say it sells the product nicely.

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I'd have to be a kid to know if this works well, but yep, the kids can dance, and there's good repetition of the brand in the song (whose only lyric is the brand). Was there any follow-up? This doesn't look like it could be a stand-alone.

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Did the client really need to go to Fred and Farid to come up with this?

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wow! good job~

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I'm terrible sorry, but i have no idea why such commercial even had been created. It's strange. Maybe i can't see something in this i can'r decipher, but, hmmmm.... really.
What are these colour splashes for, why kids are dancing on the roof, where is the idea in this. Where it has the potential to be captivating?
I have no idea.
the only plus i see is an art direction

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I have seen this kind of ad so many times.... The only novelty is that it was performed by kids...

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Nice moves.

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