Discovery Channel: Monkey


Creative Director:


Art Directors / VFX:, Gabriel Matula, David Sparrgrove, Jeremy Fernsler, Jyoteen Majmudar, Linas Jodwallis

Animator / Compositors: Tom Schiro, Steven Browning, Aaron Beaucher, Raquel Barroso, Amir Elsaiegh, Ihan Cheng

Modelers: Steven Browning, Mark Wurts

Editor: Tom Jones

Color Correction: Michael Wardner

Sound Design: Bob Schachner

EP: Bob Lowery, Miles Dinsmoor

Discovery Channel:

Marketing & Branding Officer: James Hitchcock

VP Creative Director: Dan Bragg

Creative Director: Heather Roymans

Art Director: Amie Nguyen

Writer / Producer: Erin Newsome

Production Manager: Kevin Lahr

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Is the monkey related to Moe, the barkeeper from the Simpsons?

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