Dirty Found Magazine: Santa

Advertising Agency: Y&R
CD/Art Director: Sonya Grewal
ECD/CD/CW: Ken Erke
Ex. Producer: Brian Smego
Production Co: Backyard
Executive Producer: Eriks Krumins
Line Producer: Matt Giulvezan
Director: Aaron Stoller
Graphics: Transistor Studios
Editorial: Filmcore
Editor: Cory Livingston
Sound Design/Mix: Ear Goo


Wordnerd's picture
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haha! i have no idea, what this magazine is about but thats a cool vid :)

crazylegz's picture
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It's really hard to watch because I know Chinese!

WilhelmR's picture
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Vote are pretty interesting to watch, but a bit too long if you ask me.

Also, i had to googles "dirty found" to see wth was it about, so adding the URL wouldn't be a bad idea...

vidya.shankaran's picture
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http://dirtyfound.typepad.com/ try this link for one, Wilhelm.

Tapper's picture
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way fking out there, better than half the 'deja-vu' shit often uploaded onto this site. Great acting throughout also.

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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