DIRECTV: Football on your phone

Advertising Agency: GREY group, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren
Executive Creative Director: Dan Kelleher
VP Creative Director: Doug Fallon, Steven Fogel
EP: Andrew Chinich
Associate Producer: Lindsay Myers
Creative Director: Andrew Sherman
Producer: Jay Shapiro, Heather Richardson
Executive Producer: Kevin Byrne, Dan Duffy, Mino Jajoura, Ian Jeffreys
Editing Company: Cosmo Street Editorial
Editor: Tom Scherma
Music: Butter Music & Sound
Production: Hungry Man


crispymoore's picture
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Maybe it's just me, but I feel like white-guy-comedy-rap jumped the shark years ago. Lonely Island has been able to pull it off, but this is pretty weak sauce.

ahrimanpob's picture
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I think that is what they were trying to achieve, a Lonely Island sound, similar to "I'm on a boat", their gag being "Football on your phone". In my opinion, its funny for a bit, but just a for a bit.

tracetk's picture
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I should say clip is way too long. I know it should resemble the length of actual-ish music clip but fractions of it displayed at different times or split into parts would be better. And yes I agree with crispymoore it isn't up to Lonely Islands standarts.

certaintly's picture
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really stupid and lazy advertising.
this is the kind of advertising i hate.
their idea is nothing but recognition by repetition

kleenex's picture
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Direct TV wanted this!??!?! They even got the Manning's to star in this mess!?!?!?!?!?!?!

McAdvertising's picture
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What a pice of shit.

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