Advertising Agency: Deutsch, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Greg DiNoto
Group Creative Directors: Morgan Carroll, George Decker
Agency Head of Production: Eve Kornblum
Copywriter: Nick Bayne
Art Director: Grant Piper
Agency Executive Producer: Guy Williams
Agency Producer: Samantha Helfer
Production Co: Station Film, New York & Los Angeles
Executive Producer: Tom Rossano, Michael Di Girolamo, Caroline Gibney
Producer: Eric Liney
Director: Harold Einstein
D.P.: Barry Markowitz
Editorial Company: now., New York
Editors: Nelson Leonard
Executive Producer: Nancy Finn
Visual Effects Company: Coda Visual Effects, New York
Producer: Evan Sanyor
Flame Artist: Paul Agid
Sound Mix Company: Sonic Union, New York
Sound Mixer: Steve Rosen
Telecine Company: CO3, New York
Colorist: Billy Gabor
Producer: Marie Deleon

October 2010


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If I write such a witty hit I can imagine:

Client: "That's negative! We don't want bad image for taxi companies and to expat communities who form the main workforce in UAE."

Me: "But this is cool. You need to be different. Someone has to try to be different sometime!"

Client: "This is also a bit racist. Can't we advertise ourselves without stabbing others in the back?”

Me: "There is no stab or racism. It's a joke. Our region has a history of being "positive" without any gain. It’s time to start understanding that “positive” is cheesy. We need change."

Client: "Are you saying it's impossible to crack award winning concept that's positive? And you call yourself creative?! I thought you guys don't have 'impossible' in your dictionary."

Me: "That's why we want this ad to go through. It's not impossible to crack a joke that has in reality nothing harmful to taxi companies or other races."

Client: "You seem to be very relaxed about the fact that our partner owns a taxi company. You have to distinguish between creativity and stupidity. There is a difference between just thinking and good thinking. May be you need to read…”

While he’s lecturing, the account people wink that I need to let go. Then…

Me: "OK, will give you what you want."

After few days of "thinking", brainstorming and digging in the most creative insights ever cracked...

Me: "Here you are... a bunch of (killingly bowing) positive guys smiling and laughing (even if for no reason) and gathering around a small TV screen carried by one of them in a coffee shop. And all of them very happily (in a deadly cheesy way) chanting 'We love football. We take what love everywhere.’"

Client: "Mmmmm... I need the guys to be well dressed and no hippy or Emo hairstyle."

Me: "Of course... we need to respect local culture."

Client: "I’m not sure about chanting. We need them only happy. We can’t disturb the souls of our dead people!”

Me: “We can work it out. May be they see the crowd in TV chanting while they smile like angels.”

Client: “Mmmm… sounds safe… good idea.”

Me: “So?”

Client: “Will go for it… that’s what I call good advertising!”

Me mumbling: “Unless I badly need a job I would have taken out my dick… ”

Client: “Excuse me?”

Accountant: “Ehhh ehhh… I think we need to reschedule another meeting for the PPM and … ”

Client: “… yah but your colleague is saying something...”

Me smiling: “… of course… let’s coordinate for the next step...”

All are “happy” ever after.

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You, sir, have way too much time...

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Still he uses his time better than u do.

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Way the best of the series. Nice.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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It's worth time.
In societies with closed culture client's openness to fresh ideas is crucial issue.

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I gotta say I really love this series of ads - esp. this one - they make me laugh out loud. I live in a big, multicultural city where cabbies (and people, in general) can be pretty short-fused what with the stress of having to 'interact' with people who don't 'see' you, or consider your sensitivities... like it or not, it's true, and just human nature.... lol.

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