Directv: Bears

Advertising Agency: Grey, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren
Executive Creative Director: Dan Kelleher
Copywriters: Heather English, Robert Cuff
Art Director: Matt Nall
Agency Producers: Andrew Chinich, David Cardinali
Account Supervisors: Chris Ross, Beth Culley
Producers: Scott Howard, Emily Skinner
Director: Tom Kuntz
Editor: Gavin Cutler
Sound Design/Arrangement: Sam Shaffer, Mackenzie Cutler
Post Production: Method Ny
Account Managers: Anna Pogosova, Aaron Schwartz, Meredith Savatsky
Director Of Photography: Toby Irwin
Editing Company: Mackenzie Cutler
Project Manager: Joanne Peters
Production Company: MJZ Los Angeles


certaintly's picture
4056 pencils

not funny and weak idea

alausa's picture
1426 pencils

certaintly, you better be Lee Clow or Hegarty.
There's no justification for your trail of vitriol on this site.

certaintly's picture
4056 pencils

different standards for what's good, for what's funny.

seeing as this commercial has no insight, no twist, no real idea, it needs to be lifted up by it's humor, a lot.
and that can be fine to just use humor and wacky situations, but in my opinion it's not even close to being funny.

alausa's picture
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Alright then.

morse's picture
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The whole campaign is very entertaining.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

richardwang's picture
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not funny

china men. super star.

aurescu's picture
8 pencils

that's so funny and amazing idea. dig Grey Agency.

monoliz's picture
1326 pencils

could be better

_bradhall's picture
17 pencils

Oh give me a break. Great spot.

kleenex's picture
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I like the concept, I am just not laughing or giving it that big of a thumbs up.

danielchapman's picture
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Cannes Lion? Give me a break. This is so forced.

The only semi-redeemable quality of this ad is that they sold a stupid idea to a big company. Good work on that part.

Spoonfeederxxx11's picture
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I think the idea is ok, but the entertainment value is what makes it...

Strategically this cable network is all about entertainment, so these marry well with the brand...

A happy accident I think...

But nice, not brilliant, but nice!

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