Diesel: The Magic of Christmas, The Goodwill

A study commissioned by Diesel to a reputable Finnish research centre revealed, “90% of adults between 18 and 75 are no longer able to perceive and live the true Magic of Christmas”. When did you last want something so much that you were electrified with joy? To relive the real feeling of Christmas, Diesel and SuperHeroes Amsterdam have hypnotised customers to believe they are 5 years old on Christmas morning. The results are collected in a film trilogy named “The Magic of Christmas”. Is it real? You bet it is. The three episodes are followed by a special behind-the-scenes, called ‘Behind the Dreams.” Watch it here:

Advertising Agency: SuperHeroes, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director: Rogier Vijverberg
Copywriter: Gareth Broadbent
Art Directors: Silje Lian, Nando Pawirodikromo
Technical director: Chris Noble-Partridge
Motion graphics lead: Fred Huergo
Producer: Django Weisz Blanchetta
Production company: Skinflicks
Director: The General Assembly
Producer: Chris Massey
Executive producer: Richard Skinner
Director of photography: Benjamin Todd
2nd unit dop: Dan Magee
Editor and colorist: Ryan Boucher
Hypnotist: Head Hacking

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Temple's picture
9869 pencils

Sorry, couldn't endure more than one minute. If smt interesting happens after this, drop a note.

certaintly's picture
4060 pencils

i think the idea is ok, but the execution horrible

emiliete's picture
646 pencils

Looooooonnnnngggggggggggg!!!!! Great idea, boring execution.

kleenex's picture
27828 pencils

If I could I would fire people... This is not great at all.

Adsforum's picture
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I've seen all three videos and this is sheer genius the script, idea and concept - not sure why there are three videos but I get the concept it's a shame the videos are not seen in sequence on this site - George B

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