Diesel Fuel for Life Fragrance: Rain

Advertising Agency: FFL (Fred Farid Lambert), Paris, France
Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Copywriters, Art Directors: Juliette Lavoix, Pauline de Montferrand
TV Producer: Robin Accard
Accounts: Emmanuel Ferry, Nathalie Chopra, Vanessa Roghe
Production Company: The Gang Films
Director: Laurence Dunmore
Post Production: La Maison
Audio Post Production: O'Bahamas


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216 pencils

These doesn't make sense or I dont get it. I mean, where or what is the idea? I don't know kinda weak

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Poo Flinger

I don't get it either. All three ads are beautifully shot. Plus, the people they cast look yummy, but really...how is rain, a mast and a guy panting into camera showing the concept: Fuel for life.

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Im feeling sad about whats going on with Diesel advertising

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Sabine Sebaali


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a. K

I think it's a great commercial. The looks on the faces of cast says everything. are you alive.. ? live your life to the fullest, act crazy, etc.. ..

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what is his name that in rain video i wonder
someone can tell me plzzz ????

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