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love the irony in it

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Reality Check
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When a production wants to be sold as a spectacle, it had better deliver something more spectacular than this.

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Diesel delivered. It's stupid!

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Audrius Kubrik
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I understand the 'efortlessness' angle in advertising, especially the one created for a youth clothes/lifestyle brand... the attempt to say 'we don't care!' over and over again louder and louder... whilst at the same time building The Island-esque teen dream... but the question for me remains are all these post-Cadbury's (post-post-post-modern) ventures to make something out of nothing and nothing out of something without giving an honest answer to 'what the hell was that?' -- simply and ultimately a creative masturbation for its' own sake?

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dean viii
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Maybe I'm getting old, but this was a total yawn for me...
Still like the clothes though.

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Want to get rid of my Diesel watch right now...

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While watching these new Diesel ads I had the feeling it's a smart concoction of different other ads by similar youth brands like Levi's (Oh Pioneers), Wrangler (We are animals) and some others I don't recall now. It has some appeal for sure, but the "Be Stupid" campaign was way better!

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love the irony in it