DieHard Battery: DieHard Battery vs. The Bullet

Advertising Agency: Y&R Chicago, USA
CCO: Ken Erke
ACD/CW: Todd Taber
ACD/AD: Jamie Overkamp
HP: Brian Smego
P: Luke Rzewnicki
Director: James Frost
Production Company: Zoo Film
EP: Gower Frost
Line Producer: Sam Khazaeni
Experiential Design Company: Synnlabs
Editorial Company: Optimus Chicago
Producer: Tracy Spera
Editor: Ruben Vela
Assistant Editor: Jill DeBiase
Colorist: Craig Leffel
Audio Engineer: Joel Anderson


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That's pretty handy- my car batteries are always getting shot.

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oh man and i thought i was the only dude whose car is getting shot all the time.

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Die Hard presents World War 3...

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i really can't see how this is going to attract any other people than gun loving american pick-up drivers. trusting a battery because it will keep working after a gunshot ist just stupid in my opinion. but it seems to work in the u.s.: just shoot at it, if it survives, the consumer will buy it... (btw: it's funny to imagine the meeting where this idea came up... :) )

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