Descente: Snow

Advertising Agency: Juggernaut Advertising, Santa Monica, USA
Directed by: Juggernaut & Warren Miller Entertainment
Music: Schtung Music
Post Production: Frank the Plumber


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yup good one!

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Okay, are they selling skis? Goggles? Vacation packages to resorts? Great style, minimal substance.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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oh, c'mon... it's totally obvious this is about ski clothes.

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I think they're selling ski-clothes. It's a funny thing to show such clothes covered by snow, which means not showing them at all ;-) Nice insight. Great, especially as for clothing category.

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Guest commenter

it looks weak.

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john doe
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guess it colud have been better, if they'd shown names and prize offers for the hidden clothes.

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genius! The people who they're targeting get this! Great work!

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Guest commenter

I like it. You want to look good while skiing, not for the clothes for your moves! This demonstrates that but also sells ski wear. Good job!

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Love that track and it reminds of a trip I need to plan.

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Love it. High performance ski wear for the high performance skier... I can't wait to get to Vail this year....

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Fantastic idea - hiding the skiwear in the powder as it gets thrown up around the skier, it makes the whole thing about the spirit of the sport while still teasing the brand. Is that sampled from Breakfast at Tiffany's??

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