Denmark against landmines: Picnic gone wrong

This viral vid was produced for Denmark against landmines, an organisation that works to inform the public about use of landmines all over the world and raises money for the disarmament and banning of landmines. Even though the deadly problems with landmines are fare from the daily life of a developed western country like Denmark, the use of landmines is an international issue, this it the focus of the video.

Advertising Agency: this is not a pipe, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Mathias Hovgaard
Creative producers: Sascha Pepke, Mikael Svendsen, Cecilia Flagstad
Special effects: Hummer Højmark, Janus Vinther
Motion Graphics: Gimmick

December 2008


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Reality Check
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Talk about bleak.

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I can't see anything left to the imagination. Straight & senseless, dislike.

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but it was full of impact. not really a message targeted to the thinking type

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its hard, its great!

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Strong communication. If you didn't know what it was about from the outset - unavoidable when your title is "Denmark against landmines - picnic goes wrong" - the outcome would be far less obvious.

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This is a powerful spot, but it could potentially give someone a heart attack. The ending will really take you by surprise (unless you know in advance what the spot is about).

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the title kinda made me look forward to the blast as I watched

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I saw the name of the ad and thought uh-oh...
I watched the ad and was like, oh jeez they actually blew up a kid,
pretty scary.

Ads of China // 中国广告

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There is nothing far fetched about this. In Cambodia it's daily life. This is a brilliant ad.

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SO heavy, direct message... Imagine a life with landmines...

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wow... so powerful!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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great. but damn those spoiler titles! i understand there is no way to avoid it here, but the real effect by watching it is lost

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Hello Joe La Pompe are you there?
Great video but seen that before, landmines, playing children and a football field:

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