Dell: Engine

Advertising Agency: Mother, NY, USA
Creative Director: Linus Karlsson/Paul Malmstrom
Art Director: Lawrence Melilli
Copywriter: Matthew Mulvey
Producer: Emma Starzacher
Prod Company: RSA, Bicoastal
Director: Jonas Akerlund
Post/Effects: Smoke & Mirrors, NY
Creative Director: Sean Broughton
Sr. VFX Artist: Brad Scott
VFX Artist: Sam Caine
Head of Production: Cary Flaum
Editorial: Spotwelders, NY
Editor: Dick Gordon
Producer: Amanda Charles
Graphics: Stardust, NY
Audio Post: Sound Lounge, NY
Mixer: Scott Persson
Music: The Teddy Bears
Artist: Devo
Aired: July 2007


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This is certainly interesting to watch. I feel like the payoff in the end is a bit weak, but it's nice to see hot women in tight outfits strutting around to a Devo song.


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Hasan T

This is horrible. First of all using hot women in car engine assembly has nothing to do with real life, doesnt make sense, it just doesn't flow. Second of all, why are they showing so many intermittent steps, like the girls drinking water or working out, or the banging music from the speakers ? What does this have to do with the performance of the computer. Do Dell production people do the same thing ?

Writing the word "Dell" with the tools towards the end... Why ? I am pretty sure more than half of those tools would never make it to a Dell factory, furthermore "none" will ever touch a dell computer... So, back to my question,, why ?

The only useful information that the ad gives is in the last bit, where you realize that its the world's thinnest whatever.. Is there any connection of that to "anything" in the ad... no... Instead of using a car engine, they should focus more on the screen size, and develop an ideas around that.

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hey... have you heard of the word "IDEA" and the term Creative liberty?

I think this was a brilliant commercial. what does a guy need in a commercial. hot women, cars and technology. all three are there in it. its a spicy, well thought of commercial.

Where do you come from dude?

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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more cowbell!

... its already been done...

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Juan Pablo De Gamboa
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I have no problem with the idea, I think is cool, but man... the 80s again??? please don't!!!!!!!

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Personally, I agree with HasanT and nubloo, this was horrible, there is a huge contradiction between the enormous engine and the "thinnest laptop" concept they want to communicate. And I see no relation between hot women assembling an engine for 85% of the commercial and the computer at the end...

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