De Bijenkorf: Anti-riot squad

De Bijenkorf department store’s Three Days Sale is on the way. With even more name brands for crazy prices than ever before. So some extra precautionary measures have been put in place this year just to be on the safe side.

Music: Artist/Title: Massive Music

Advertising Agency: Selmore, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Jakko Achterberg, Niels Westra
Art Director: Jakko Achterberg
Copywriter: Niels Westra
Agency Producer: Patrick Nelemans
Account Supervisor: Olivier Koning
Advertiser's Supervisors: Robert Bohemen, Eva Vermeulen, Bianca Koot
Account Managers: Rina Verweij, Mira Weijs
Planner: Otto Van Der Harst
Production Company: CZAR
Producer: Willem Bos
Director: Willem Gerritsen
Sound Design / Arrangement: The Ambassadors
Post Production: Baked Beans

September 2010


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Jaap Grolleman
6992 pencils

It's good but the final shot is not as convincing as the buildup.

Ramezani's picture
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Hahaha. Very Funny.!!! I like it.
Music cut at the end is not so good.

morse's picture
17002 pencils

Nice ad, but I agree the end is cut a bit short.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Wow… I REALLY want to love this. It is a fabulous idea, and the beginning is stellar. But, as others have said, I think the editing really fails here.

Right now this is GOOD. A little more care and it could've been AWESOME.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

adsadsads's picture
130 pencils

Nicely crafted. I like the emotion of it. Great.

CommandZ's picture
2494 pencils

Really nice build and twist at the end. Yes, better work in post would of really sold it.

krautland's picture
3216 pencils

this is interesting but not memorable.

bad copy's picture
bad copy
808 pencils

harvey nichols...

Cesar Hector's picture
Cesar Hector
217 pencils

I think it's great for the turnaround at the end, it's amazing how it came to be a rollercoaster of emotions but still at the end they should've been more carefull about the shooting and the editing. I'll give it a 9 for the awsome idea.

pez's picture
1802 pencils

I think this is great.

LeeMoh's picture
424 pencils

Gosh this is AmaziNg!

This is why I love advertising. Sometimes.

Guest's picture

amazing, fantastic, genial.

Guest's picture

Very Nice ad. Appreciated.


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