DC Shoes: Ken Block's Gymkhana THREE: Part 1; The Music Video Infomercial

DC Shoes isn't your typical shoe company, oriented as it is to meet the needs of the speed-loving, concrete-chewing, adrenaline-loving skate and snowboard set. Editor Hal Honigsberg paid special attention to honoring that particular combination of grit and breathless cool in Ken Block's Gymkhana THREE: Part 1; The Music Video Infomercial, a hip-hop video infomercial starring the rhymes of The Cool Kids and directed by Razor Factory's Bryan Barber.

Celebrated rally car driver and DC Co-Founder Ken Block is no stranger to gymkhana, the amped-up motorsport that requires drivers to navigate fierce obstacles while putting on a skillful performance. For Block, gymkhana was initially intended as an inexpensive way to practice between rally races, but it soon presented itself as an opportunity to improvise, and Block developed his own intensified brand of the sport through trial and error. Gymkhana THREE is the much-anticipated follow-up to previous viral successes, which were viewed over 70 million times and stemmed from Block's personal footage. The video scrolls flawlessly through an environment replete with still shots of iconic DC shoe imagery; smoke-filled, neon-tinted rappers spitting their game; and a tricked-out Ford racer spiraling across the screen, leaving a dust- and smoke-filled halo in its wake. Honigsberg seamlessly blends the stark black stage-set backgrounds of one scene with the monolithic industrial buildings sprawling behind the next, interspersing shots from various angles and distances to create a vibrant story that matches both DC's unflinching image and the steady, determined lyrics and beat of the song.

Creative Director (DC Shoes): Nate Morley
Producer (DC Shoes): Laura Ferguson
Prod Company: Razor Factory
Director: Bryan Barber
DP: Mike Ozier
EP: Craig Fanning
LP: Brandon Bonfiglio
VFX: Elephant Post
VFX Artists: Rob Doolittle, Ernie Camacho, Jon Van Wye
Producer: Aaron Leichter
Editorial: chrome
Editor: Hal Honigsberg
EP: Betsy Beale
Telecine: Company 3
Colorist: Rob Shirada


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quite a write up. admirable on block's end career-wise.
but this is an ad site. and in this case, an ad for shoes.
the track is cool. video, dorky at best. and the shoes are butt ugly.
but a wonderful ego stroke for block. bravo. wish i had a million to blow on nonsense.

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If nonsense sells the shoes, then more power to 'em. I love this campaign, though. Ads don't have to be a series of three print ads and a microsite. I love the DC Shoes/Ken Block stunt video of him drifting around a ship yard. Rock on.

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1494 pencils

just checked on youtube - the informercial got nearly 17 million views

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Yeah, it's crazy. Good advertising is something people WANT to look at and be involved with. And that's what this campaign is. :) I wish I had been a part of it.

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Reality Check
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It may be all about style, it may be a little blingy and self-centered, but it's also captivating, exciting and -- for an infomercial -- unique.

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i like the song :D

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