Danish Road Safety Council: The anatomy of an accident

Advertising Agency: The Aid Agency, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Directors: Niels Heilberg, Andrew Smart, Rasmus Sigvaldi
Production Company: Far From Hollywood, Copenhagen, Denmark
Producer: Morten Hoffmann Larsen
Post Production: Ghost, Copenhagen, Denmark


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Pal, I've seen Kill Bill, Hostel, The Exorcist. Those images don't shock me anymore...

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These ads get me every time. I went to a seminar on producing more compelling road-safety ads, and I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest watching examples from around the world. I think these are brilliant. It's one place where graphic is necessary. One prsenter begged advertisers to leave the shock value to the non-profits, as that's about all we have left to change people's behaviour.

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very nice.

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Idea is good, but execution don't have a sense of credibility. There was no cause for the car to sideslip, there was no beginning of the story - why he lost control. When ad like this is made you have to make it real - not only the moment of crash but whole story, it should be real. This is not. They try to tell that 10 km/h will change the result, but that what video says is - some man with no obvious reason crash against the tree. If the visual would be more authentic, then this would work - not now.


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yeah. but if his speed had been 100 km/h, rather than 90 km/h, he would have already passed the tree and slid into a nice, empty wheat field. nice try assholes.

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this ad is nearly identical to this one released in NZ / Australia a few years ago


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Spanky your comments still suck big time after 3 years

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