Dairy Farmers of Canada: Doorknob

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Our objective was to increase sales of milk within a cynical teenage demographic by helping make it more socially acceptable. We wanted to make milk cool. Knowing that traditional 30-second television commercials would be lost on our jaded, media-soaked audience, we created quick, fun, and strangely animated mini-commercials called “Dot Spots” that each highlighted a single health benefit of milk in only five seconds. To date, we have created nearly 200 of these individual Dot Spots, keeping the campaign continually fresh and unexpected.

Advertising Agency: Due North Communications, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Karen Howe
Art Directors: Shawn Wells, Yilma Campbell, Mike Jones
Copywriters: David Gee, Sarah Watton, Dave Pigeon, Sam Zivot
Production Company: Hear Gear
Published: 2007 - 2011


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haha.... superb in 5 sec. well done guys!

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They've created nearly 200?!? Well, I am glad Ivan didn't post all of them.

These are semi fun, more appropriate for children than teenagers who watch the Jersey Shore, and a little too quick for me. And what are these health benefits that are being highlighted? I can't tell from these dot spots.

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Yeah. I wish I did that. Real fun.

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