Football's for girls

September 2008

Football's For Girls


Film advertisment created by Mather, Czechia for Czech Rugby Association, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Mather Communications, Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Directors: Will Rust
Art Director: David Zezula, Marek Hes
Copywriter: Will Rust
Director: Steen Agro

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i mean if consider rolling around in mud with other man Masculine, then sure

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Excellent. Glad someone finally said it.

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Rafael Lago
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Ok. I love football (soccer) and it's a kinda rought sport. But I must admit it's not like rugby ad this ad is just great! Congratulations guys!

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Yup, I love football too, but this one is simply great!

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This is ace.

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True and great!

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Funny. Well done.

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this is definitely a good ad. well done.

1 thing... at the end they've got the Haka sound over, while it's an ad from the Czech rugby team???

...and these generic sport ads... they always wear non-sponsored clothing lol (except the ref, ironically) -- and of course, except the shoes which probably belong to the actors :P

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Yes, "try rugby soccer is for girls". Great idea, i like ads that say the truth. :)

Simple ideas are the best !

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This is so lame. So is the term soccer.
A sport doesn't become great because it's violent.
Football rules.

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Very nice, a worthy contender!

Bath yourself in gold-dust then i'll believe you're filthy rich.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Anurag Sahu
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Czech rugby players might get happy, but the famous Czech football team ??

Nice ad. I still won't but it from the target audience's point of view.
Love football and would like wresting rather than playing rugby
(its a funny game)

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Fantastic job!



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great idea ! I love it

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Guest commenter

rugbi´s for girls
try Judo

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Qué chevere!! Excelente ejecución!


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Guest commenter

masssssssst . . .

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This ad is a part of a campaign that aims to attract more young people to rugby in the Czech Republic. Surprisingly, rugby has quite a long tradition in the CR but does not have the media and financial backing of mainstream sports, such as football or ice hockey. Without a wider player base the level of the sport in the country does not have much of a chance to advance.
The whole idea of the campaing is based on the recent trend among the football "prima donna stars" not to play football but chase the ball down the pitch for a bit, waiting for an opponent to come anywhere within two meters from them and then take a dive with a subsequent well performed impersonation of a skewered gladiator in mortal agony, in a hope to wheedle a penalty kick from the referee.
The thing that makes rugby much more of a man's sport than football is not being more violent. What makes rugby great is that the players, from total amateur to pro superstar, play the game instead of muckin' about like a bunch of woosies.

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Guest commenter...

This is just brilliant. Soccer/football has just become inundated with a bunch of whining, diving pussies. Rugby is a much better game.

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vanilla gorilla

Touring Europe (ultimately to end up at the Rugby World Cup Finals in London) from San Francisco in October of 1991, the BATS played Praga RFC at their home grounds in Prague.

The match became a fierce battle, as Czeckoslovakia had just missed qualifying for the Rugby World Cup, and they brought together all the best players from across the country to face us. That, plus the ref could not understand a word of English, and was allowing the Czechs to kill the ball at the tackle. We pleaded with the ref to control that part of the game better, but he couldn't understand our pleas.

Losing by two tries, and with 20 minutes left to play, we decided to take matters in our own hands, and use our boots to peel the offenders off the ball. As the match approached its end, we had turned the score around, as we brutally earned our opponent's respect in the process.

At the aftermatch party, we couldn't hardly understand a word from our hosts, but their spirit, like their vodka, was delightful and never ending.

Long live Czech Rugby!

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Really good ad up to the end bit, seems odd to use the All Black's haka chant at the end when it's for Czech rugby. I think a few Maori would have an issue with it (Fiat haka ad caused a bit of outrage and was deemed 'culturally insensitive').

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Its so funny... Good job!!

Pichnee U.

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Rugby is for monkeys.

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Guest commenter

Excellent !!

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fag rugbiers will like it.

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i mean if consider rolling around in mud with other man Masculine, then sure