Corona Beer: Commuters

Advertising Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago, USA
EVP / Chief Creative Officer: Marshall Ross
Group Creative Director: G. Andrew Meyer
Senior Art Director: David Levy
Senior Copywriter: Brian Bennett
Art Director: Chad Verly
Copywriter: Dan Catterson
Management Supervisor: Renee Chez
Lead Producer: Rob Jaeger
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Brian Beletic
Executive Producer / Partners: Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody
Executive Producer / COO: Lisa Rich
Executive Producer: Allison Kunzman
Head of Production: Laura Thoel
Producer: Lesley Chilcott
Editorial: General Editorial LA
Editor: Noah Herzog
Producer: Robert Parker
Post-Production / VFX: Mass Market LA
Producer: Nick Fraser
VFX Supervisor: Kathy Siegel
Flame Artist: John Shirley
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld CO3
Sound Design: Q Department NYC
Audio: Mike Coyle / Chicago Recording Company

July 2011


Reality Check's picture
Reality Check
2358 pencils

Watching this is like drinking milk that's about to turn: it looks OK but smells a little dodgy. ("Dodgy," as in why didn't the black gentleman offer the woman a drink? The end result – and end frame – makes him appear friendless.)

AnasCr's picture
90 pencils

Clever and refreshing commercial! But i would like something more from Corona..

atb2005's picture
13561 pencils

I can't believe that so many people are involved with what appears to be a low budget production. Sure, some Heineken spots are a bit weird, but at least they are entertaining. The Corona ones are as forgettable as the taste of the beer.

Temple's picture
11323 pencils

It's not very common for beers to have campaigns which go on for years. It seems this Corona beach thing is turning into a campaign which is remarkable. But on the other hand, this particular spot is nothing special, we 've seen better executions of this beach thing.

Ron Burgundy's picture
Ron Burgundy
1634 pencils

it meets the brief very nicely, I like the find your beach thing....but I agree with comments above the African American gentleman should have handed her a beer.

dean viii's picture
dean viii
1686 pencils

Very trite, expected way to tackle the message. C-K has gone downhill.

Glut's picture
3937 pencils

mind refreshing

cmb's picture
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Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
13431 pencils

What cmb said.
Predictable and sad.

Ceballos's picture
621 pencils

Is the beach the only place when an american can drink beer?
Coronita´s ads= people drinking on the beach.
Stop it!

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