Corny: Me so Corny

Post Production: and
Production Designer:

Advertising Agency: Fitzroy, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Copywriter: Merlijn van Vliet
Art Director: Wouter Vanhaeren
Production agency: We are Will Producties
Producer: William Griffioen
Director: Maikel van der Laken
Director Of Photography: Marc de Meijer
Lighting: Daan Boer
Editor: Erik Verhulst
Accounts: Marnix Tiggeloven, Nazli Parlayan
Strategy: Jur Baart

July 2012


CuriousPencil's picture
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Very safe approach to a 'loud' snack, this library setting; fairly visible thinking on the 'create a cute character as a front end', let down pretty hugely by making it a fat rabbit: nobody wants to snack to fat, and it's not a great way to sell chocolate. And knowing the Dutch, the tongue-in-cheek decision to make the character a German... makes me think the kick-off meeting started with the phrase "Let's make this *quirky*." Sorry, but I'm not impressed.

bate_palmas's picture
1479 pencils

I find the whole thing terribly trite. And senseless beyond reason.

Corny - yes, but not in the funny way you're trying to make it.

On another note, I wonder how many people will recognise the soundtrack...that takes me back to when I was 10!

miko1aj's picture
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agreed. my thoughts xctly

kleenex's picture
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I love the bunny, but this ad is weak...

CasP's picture
177 pencils

Bad actor, bad idea

Temple's picture
11310 pencils

The name of the product is more creative than the commercial.

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