Converse: Grateful

Advertising Agency: Anomaly NYC, USA
CD: Mike Byrne
Creative/Partner: Richard Mulder
Copywriter: Lindsey Lanpher
AD: Ian Toombs
Head of Production: Andrew Loevenguth
Acct. Person: Stephen Corlett

Prod Company: Acme/Smith in Association with Anonymous Content
Director: John Osborne
DP: Doug Glover
EP: Cassie Hulen
EP/Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison
Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair
Producer(s): Heather Waters, Scott Pourroy
Production Supervisor: Cory Desrosiers

Editorial/Post: Consulate
Head of Production: Charlyn Derrick
Editor: Brandon Boudreaux
Smoke Artist: Michael Dwass
Asst Smoke Artist: Andi Prastowo
Producer: Alan Lopez

Aired: February 2008


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What sloppy, uninspiring copy. If you're going to take the sound off and make me read through that, you'd better be bloody entertaining. These were all an utter, boring waste of time. They sound like a high-school essay on the subject of "thinking for yourself".

Sharp's picture
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I like these. I just wish the last 2 had some sort of audio like the first one where it cuts to dead silence when the logo comes up. I find it has more impact that way. Otherwise the audience might think they need to adjust their volume.

gmint7's picture
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i like it too


vurtomatic's picture
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a TVC denouncing TV
and being told how to think
is telling viewers
get on their knees

biabitch's picture
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the copy could have been written better.

kgeiger's picture
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This campaign is lamer than the copy. So that's like, really lame.

chino65's picture
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Thought provoking.

Like "Think Different"...

No, just kidding!

They're a bit too open-ended. They all say DO SOMETHING with your life. But for TV-addict-couch-potato-types like me, you have to tell us what you want us to do... : )

Or at least provide examples of shinning beacons like "Think Different".

Otherwise I flop back down onto the couch and do nothing more than surf the channels for something more meaningful.

I'll give it a "6". The attitude is right.

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