Control Arms Campaign: The exhibition that shouldn't exist, Student gang-raped and killed

Leo Burnett Lisbon created the “The exhibition that shouldn’t exist” campaign for Control Arms - a worldwide coalition fighting to approve the Arms Trade Treaty later this month. The exhibition is a collection of paintings designed to look like abstract artworks in a first sight. But then, when people read their placards, they realize they’re actually in front of gunshots stories. Through a QR code on each placard, people can see the ballistics test that simulated the related story on the painting. “The Exhibition that shouldn’t exist” portrays the reality of the irresponsible arms trade around the world, turning visible a violent truth that many don’t see. The paintings will be displayed in the Electricity Museum in Lisbon and then sent to Control Arms in NY. They will show them in their opening press briefing, held at the UN Secretariat. The exhibition also has an online version, where people can have the same experience with the paintings and their videos.

AdvertisingAgency: Leo Burnett, Lisboa, Portugal
Executive Creative Director: Luciana Cani
Copywriters: Pedro Ribeiro, Steve Colmar
Art Directors: Emanuel Serôdio, Fabio Cristo
Designer: Emanuel Serôdio
Digital production: ComOn
Account Director: Marta Guimarães
Account Executive: Teresa Ferreira
Production Director: Cristina Almeida
Producers: Hugo Lage, António Franca
Edition: Hugo Lage
Production Company: Take it Easy


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Love creating ads..

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This is hard hitting, this is the future of advertising. It is also an example of watching too much Dexter and creating an idea looking for an award.

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