Comedy Central: Funeral

Agency: Kempertrautmann, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Frank Bannöhr, Daniel Ernsting
Art Director: Axel Schilling
Copywriter: Christian Soldatke


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@ axxl:
back when i saw the print ads i wondered why there's an english (or dutch?) car plate?

i really like it's no budget charme, and the laughing guy's really killing me... who's the guy behind the mourning couple, the one who seems to have difficulties to not be bursting out laughing and therefore hides behind the couple? is it someone of your agency? or maybe you? :)

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Hey, no it's not me. Just a guy from Comedy Central. Yeah, low budget :) But it works. Who are you by the way? Which agency?

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hmmm I think you need to be german to understand these. I like the laughing guy and the concept of 'just dead' instead of 'just married' but needs a bit of explanation for dumb people like me..

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I don't think is funny, I think it's just wrong!

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