Comcast: Meet the Team

Advertising Agency: Berlin Cameron United, NY, USA
Creative Director: Jason Peterson
ACD, Copywriter: Jason Kreher
Art Director: Matt Hock
Copywriter: Greg Rutter
Producer: Leigh Fuchs
Business Manager: Jennifer Pannent
Account Director: Adam Hunt
Account Manager: Christine Bouyea
Editorial: Cut & Run, NY
Editor: Adam Jenkins
Editorial EP: Susan Willis
Producer: Melissa Lubin
Visual Effects: Guava Studios, NY
VFX EP: Steve Holiner
Music: Tonefarmer, NY
Music EP: Tiffany Senft
Production Company: Epoch Films, Bicoastal
Director: Matt Lenski
EP: Doug Halbert
Producer: Timory King
DP: Steve McGehee
Airdates: May 2008

May 2008


cullers's picture
332 pencils

The Asian woman in the decorative vest may just be one of the most powerful female characters I've seen in a commercial in awhile. I feel like she will take me to school if I don't watch myself.

I like these a lot.

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
3900 pencils

She's about as Asian as, well....a white lady.


Doin' it for the points

raverus's picture
1476 pencils

Haha, i don't think shes asian!

cullers's picture
332 pencils

Venture a guess? If she is not asian, what ethnicity would you say? It doesn't really matter for anything other than pointing out which one I'm talking about, but what ethnicity do you think she is?

carnaval's picture
92 pencils

wonderfull =)

getconnected2001's picture
987 pencils

Nothing less than a Hollywood promo.

CSG's picture
6 pencils

The archetypes are so well defined!!! The Enforcer looks like she could kick some serious butt!! Should do a commercial with her doing that and in various colorful vests. That glare at the end is so perfectly enforcing! LOVE IT!!!

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