Colorado Lottery Holiday Scratch: Reindeer

To kick off the release of the Colorado Lottery's Holiday Scratch games, Cactus partnered with the good folks at Fueld Films to give everyone a peek into the everyday lives of Santa's reindeer. The result is a whimsical TV spot that injects a little fun and joy into the season, because after all, that's exactly what the Holiday Scratch games do. The spot's storybook look and feel was created by shooting four different layers of footage and then bringing them all together with a little digital artistry.

Advertising Agency: Cactus, USA
Creative Director: Norm Shearer
Associate Creative Director: Brian Watson
Copywriter: Elliot Nordstrom
Art Director : Allie Edwards
Spanish translator / Copywriter: Gabriela Ocampo
Broadcast Producer, Danielle Bryan
Production studio: Fueld
Costumes: The Creature Company
Edit / VFX: Beast Editorial & 1080
Recording Studio: Rocky Mountain Recorders


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The animation in the background is lovely. The story isn't bad either.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Don't really see a lot of similariy, krautland. These look more inspired by 1960's holiday TV specials.

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its good.

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The running / flying is hypnotic.

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