Cofidis: Men only think about sex

French credit company Cofidis continues its campaign to change people’s perceptions of credit by challenging some of the prejudices we encounter every day.

Advertising Agency: Herezie, Paris, France
Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci
Art Directors: Nicolas Duménil, Jaques Denain, Remi Arnaud
Copywriters: Nicolas Duménil, Jaques Denain, Edouard Dorbais
Illustrator: Jack Antoine Charlot
Aired: June 2014


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advertising ninja
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nice animations but a very ineffective argument. so, according to this, all i have in common with cofidis is we both think the stuff in this video is absurd.. therefore i should think about getting a loan? really? thats a very weak link. super weak one. gosh. you get 5 for animations, 0 for message. in total 5. and i was being generous : )

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crappy ending.

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Beko Antonio


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