CNCT: Cost of living

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG 360, Paris, France

May 2011


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El mensaje no me quedo del todo claro

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My one main problem with the ad is just too much text...

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Don`t get it.

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Exposing the lavish lifestyle of the people behind the big tobacco companies. I say this is brilliant. 9 stars from me.

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Jaap Grolleman
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Oh geez, how genius. I didn't really understand it, until payoff. I'm not a smoker so this ad isn't for me but I'd say it makes good impact.

Just wondering - do directors/CEO of tobacco companies smoke themselves? :)

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It's a good angle on the topic, if I smoked I think that it would make me think more about the money I was spending on the habit and think about quitting. Stop because someone else is killing you to make a fortune seems more effective than stop because you're killing yourself.

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Not a bad angle. I like the point of view. Very interesting.
The way of filming is good too, personnaly it made my head spin.
I agree there is too much text, the message would have been more subtile with only one or two diseases at one time.

Anyway, we already tried everything to save those damned 12 years old kids who begin with cigaret just to be "cool".

//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

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this is smart. didn't see that coming

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Good end line, really hit home, but i had to watch it again as i was far concentrating more on the text than the pictures and message

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Who sings the song?

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79 votes...new world record !


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La vie en CMKY
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So true, so brilliant. Love it!

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Nice idea but the choice of the music is not so good.

Simple ideas are the best !

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Sneaky. I was going to suggest that they shouldn't include call-girls with a cost in their ads, but I'm assuming France has a different cultural social acceptance when it comes to sex.

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Euro 360 have again the record of vote! hi hi hi!

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