Clorox Scoop Away: 冒险记, 山顶

广告代理: DDB San Francisco, USA
首席创意官: Lisa Bennett
首席策略官: Stacey Grier
内容制作总监: Frank Books
客户群总监: Vicki Sanders
创意群总监: Mike Andrews
创意总监: Heather Reid
美术指导: Sean Flores
文案: Billy Leyhe
广告监制: Mia Lischer
制作公司: Alchemy/Lunch
导演: Eric Makila/Jamie Webster
动画监制: Stefani Kouverianos
互动监制: Amy Miranda
VFX/在线: Kaz Shibata (Soho)
VFX艺术师: Jamie Webster
Flash开发: Pixelpusher, STEM Ltd.
声音设计/音乐: Six Degrees


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Phil Lestino
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What is this product for.is it a cat litter?

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Yes, but I think it's a problem if it's hard to tell from the ad.

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Ed Rapport
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yea. i as lost for the first 45 seconds. They really should do a better job of maybe letting consumers know up front what the product is for. entertaining, but what the does cat litter got to do with climbing a mountain?

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Hahahahahahaha! Come on guys, it's just funny.

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these are great

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J Designer
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lol, reminds me of pingu.
I like it.

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I find it clever, easy to "digest" if you ask me...

Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

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cute way to talk about dirt.nice animation too.

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