Cleaner Greener Baltimore: Cigarette butts

Advertising Agency: Planit Advertising
Creative Director / Copywriter: Trevor Villet
Art Director: Ray Bularz
Producer: Amy Hammond Long
Director: Matt Pittroff
Aired: February 2009

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What an annoying smart arse, but the message is good.

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yeah!!! RUN IT IN CALGARY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When the young guys looks at the camera after he says "but everybody does that" -classic

I prefer this one to the coffee cup one because of the way the trash guys just appear.

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Blessed Besse
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Pleasant. Grating. Delightful.

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Do you use something similar to this?


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Jet Propulsion Lab
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But that's their JOB! They're being paid to do that. To clean up the streets regardless of the weather. That's what they signed up for. The guilt trip strategy here doesn't work quite as hard when you show a couple of city sanitation workers..

But hey kids, littering IS wrong. So, knock it off! ; )

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Unfortunately you are dead wrong on this one Jet unless you think your littering helps employ people you self-centered jerk. The sanitation workers are there to take away your household trash and public trash that have been properly disposed of in trash cans. In Baltimore they are crime ridden and resources short so think about it smart guy. If they actually didn't have to pay the city employees to do extra work like clean up after your selfish act than they could use that overtime money to pay for extra police, fire, emergency crews and more. Wow. You are the target so I'm sure they didn't expect you to get it.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Everything you say seems to make total sense. Thanks. How much do I owe you for that crash course in Public Sanitation 101? But just for argument's sake, if I were the target and I didn't "get it" (if the spot fell on deaf ears,) then how effective is this spot?

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Considering our blog's topic is blight in Baltimore City, we LOVE this ad. Anything to make the city cleaner -- we're all for it!

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Cigarette butts out a car window is one of my biggest pet peeves ever.

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You OWE as much as any other person who believes "But that's their JOB! They're being paid to do that." You owe EVERYTHING. That thought process basically boils down to "I will be taken care of by someone else who will pick up after me." The same way you feel now after living with you mother for over 35 years. Come on. Give me and everyone else on this site a break. You really believe others should pick up after you or that is their job? The deaf ears belong to you and you alone. The ears that really matter are the people/citizens of Baltimore who want a safe, cleaner, and greener city.

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yeah woman your a second class citizen even on this site.

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love these ads.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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think the ads are smart

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make this a national campaign!

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