Advertising Agency: BBH, NY, USA
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Roddy
Creatives: Maja Fernqvist, Joakim Saul
Group Account Director: Jenifer Wellig
Account Director: Mary Ferris
Business Director: Julia Torres
Producer: Katherine Cheng
Prod Company: Smuggler
Director: Filip Engstrom
Heads of Production: Laura Thoel, Allison Kunzman
EPs: Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody
Producer: Paul Ure
Post / Effects: Asylum
VFX Supervisor: Tim Davies
CG Supervisor: Jason Schugardt
CG Animator: Yuichiro Yamashito
CG Artist: Matthew Maude
CG Artist: Sean Faden
CG Modeler: Greg Stuhl
Matte Painter: Tim Clark
EP: Michael Pardee
VFX Producer: Mark Allen Kurtz
VFX Assoc. Producer: Ryan Meredith
CG Producer: Jeff Werner
Editorial: Maury Loeb/PS 260
Editor: Maury Loeb
EP: Zarina Mak
Music: Search Party
Music Supervisor: Stephanie Diaz-Matos
Sound Design: Human Worldwide
Audio: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Philip Loeb

July 2007


Donald Draper's picture
Donald Draper
137 pencils

Very nice! Love it.

cp's picture
354 pencils

I like it too. Carry's the notion of a whole new world opening up to me once I put them on. But the jeans didn't look as tight as I thought it would be on the lady's butt. Is that intentional? If not, it shd be tighter.

Tincho's picture
1093 pencils


Blessilda Mok's picture
Blessilda Mok
117 pencils

The whole team, take a vow.

ShaniG's picture
17214 pencils

Great execution of a very small idea

soulbearer's picture
213 pencils

Huuuuuuuuuum......but what does it really says? That Levi's are magnetic?
Everything is going up? girls asses and boys johnsons? quite like the execution...but i don't know...

Babi's picture
152 pencils

Nice one! wonderful conception.

miko1aj's picture
3086 pencils

Sorry. I'm annoyed by commercials which says me that i'll be attractive when i use the product. This is so naive, particularly in this ad. These glances, attractions, ueeeh. BBH made better films for Levis.
I remember "Hey sunshine, d'ya wanna ride?" and prefer that mood rather then this above.

Wordnerd's picture
6692 pencils

WOW! Screw what it says - i'm stunned. Thanx!

zoso's picture
4 pencils


kyao888's picture
127 pencils

Holly cow - I was very amazed at the production sequence. It is great presentation. Sexy but not cheap.

Byte's picture
327 pencils

Why every single spot has to ending with a couple in a love at first sight?
I dont get the point.

Anyways, good spot.


oliver79's picture
146 pencils

Good job people

John654's picture

I agree, very nice! Cool effects, nice music, cute girl... A smart and simple way to show me a pair of jeans and make me wanna see it again.

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