California Milk Processor Board: Elf

Advertising Agency: Grupo Gallegos, Long Beach, USA
Executive Creative Director: Favio Ucedo
Creative Director: Juan Oubiña
Associate Creative Directors: Saul Escobar, Curro Chozas
Art Director: Paula Oliosi
Agency Producer: Carlos Barciela
Account Supervisors: Caro D'antuono, Arlin Morales
Director: Pucho Menstasti
Production Company: Blue Productora
Music: Leo Sujatovich
Sound design: AZ Los Angeles
Animation: Bitt Animation
Compositing: Che Revolution Post


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Nice idea, it's just that milk doesn't actually help you sleep. It only works as a psychological trick to induce feelings of calmness and relaxation, but that happens only IF you were given milk before going to sleep as a child. I wasn't :(

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your right!
I love milk but makes me fart a lot man!!!

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The milk seems cut with water.

Ah. And nice spot btw. ;)

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Great Job!!!

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I feel like I'm an elf and that TVC was a glass of milk.

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Isn't it true that WARM milk makes you sleep better, or fall a sleep easier?

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Cow's milk is not really all that great for your health. The GOT MILK campaign was originally created to boost milk sales (I think it was 1993), because consumers began to prefer buying health drinks or soft drinks. A lot of the information on milk and it's health benefits is propaganda created by milk corporations who wanted to make more money. Milk makes you fat, clogs up your colon, gives you acne, and creates mucus in your body (it aggravates asthma). Besides that, the stuff was made for calfs-not humans of all ages. Dig a little deeper guys.

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