California Milk Processor Board: Champion

Advertising Agency: Grupo Gallegos / Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Goodby
Chief Strategy Officer: Andrew Delbridge
Chief Creative Officer: Marty Orzio
Creative Directors: Eric Kallman, Kate Catalinac
Associate Creative Directors: Saul Escobar, Curro Chozas
Copywriter: Simon Bruyn
Art Director: Andrew Livingston


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95 pencils

1960's something?

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8528 pencils


An axe murderer of ads.

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Seriously? you did it?

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Silver lining? They returned to the "Got Milk?" line.

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drink only milk,... it is very healthy and you'll become champion. BS

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This is the WORST ad ever. These ad agencies must be filled with the most homogeneous, vapid, dull, people ever! Have they even been anywhere, or do they just base all stereotypes on myths perpetuated by television and American media? Do they just sit in board rooms and pat each other on the back while sipping lattes?
Why are we perpetuating the African American success as being in athletics (and not academia, for example; why not an astro-physicist or software engineer or even the head of a large company like the next Google or Apple?) and why oh why is there no father figure in this ad? Stop perpetuating racism and low expectations. Minorities in this country have better expectations than this and expect to be treated with some human dignity!

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