Cadillac: Perfume

Advertising Agency: Olabuenaga Chemistri, Mexico
Producer: Santos Films
Director: Hernan Kesselman
Photography: Lalo Mtz
Editor: Lucas Otero
Post Production: Richi Toledo
Music: Noroeste
Color correction: Cinema 305

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SF's picture
122 pencils

hahahaha.. what?

abake's picture
1256 pencils

Somehow I found that everything was wrong with this spot... nothing in it looked luxurious or beyond luxurious, unless skanky decadence is what they mean by "beyond luxurious".

Triskac's picture
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Sorry, but doesnt work for me either. The girl just doesnt look luxurious at all, whole semi-slow-motion feeling is not much better and baseball bat? Seriously, how is that luxurious? If it was at least covered in diamonds it would count as a try.

Boxey's picture
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beyond stupid

Artechoro's picture
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Jajajaja, no mames que en Olabuenaga siguen haciendo comerciales del Palacio noventeros. Beyond Lame.

Beamen's picture
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Can't understand the link between the scene and the car. Maybe hitting some eau de toilette with a baseball bat is definition of luxury?

Wait a minute I'll try it just to see!

meddy12's picture
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I guess this ad was made for really smart people or for really dumb people because us, the average people don't really see the point. As far as I am concerned they could have done a lot better than that.

Has anyone tried the fantasy perfumes yet? I'd love some advice!

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